Why does Agatha have rabbit?

He was given to Wanda Maximoff by Agatha Harkness for use in her magic act at Westview’s talent show to raise money for Westview Elementary School.

Who is the secret villain in WandaVision?

Kathryn Hahn’s Agnes in WandaVision Was Marvel Villain Agatha Harkness All Along. And the clues were there from the start.

Who is Agatha’s son?

While Nicholas Scratch is Agatha’s son, he is in no way an ally to her. He turns the town of New Salem against her with the help his seven children, Salem’s Seven, and while he is banished to another dimension for his actions, he returns to possess Agatha’s charge, Franklin Richards.

Who is Nicholas Scratch mother?

Nicholas Scratch is the son of Agatha Harkness and was a resident of the secret New Salem, Colorado community populated by magic users. Agatha left the reclusive community to live among normal people, and in time even became a nanny to Franklin Richards, son of Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four.