Why did Elaine leave Doc Martin?

Actress Punch has not disclosed much about why she left but fans believe it was so she could move to America. Andy M said on the forum Moviechat: “I am sure she left to try her fortunes in America. “She appeared in the entire first series so she left after that show took its break for the year.

Who plays Saskia Bates?

Series Information Saskia Bates is a minor guest character in the Gossip Girl revival. She is portrayed by Lucy Punch.

Who plays Mrs squalor in unfortunate events?

The actress who plays Esmé Squalor on A Series of Unfortunate Events is somebody you’ll definitely recognize from her previous work. Fans of A Series of Unfortunate Events will most likely recognize Lucy Punch, who memory brings Esmé Squalor to life, from one of her earlier roles.

Why did Doc Martin’s aunt Joan dies?

The character died after a heart attack in season five, and she never got to meet her great-nephew, James.