Who is girl with Birdman on no prep Kings?

Meet Kim Ynfante The actress is originally from Houston, Texas and has been featured on the show as Birdman’s “sidekick”. Ynfante now lives in Baytown, Texas with her recent husband and two children – yes, we will get that don’t worry.

How is Birdman from Street Outlaws doing now?

Since then, Birdman has returned to racing and he filmed more episodes of Street Outlaws in the fall of 2020. He also posted on Facebook about planning to do “a LOT of racing in 2021.” It looks like nothing will keep Birdman from racing!

What is Birdman from Street Outlaws real name?

If there’s one man who is feared most in no prep racing it’s James “Birdman” Finney. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Birdman has a history of being the baddest around and putting the best of the best on trailers and sending them home.