Who was the silhouette in WandaVision?

A natural assumption for the identity of this silhouette is Doctor Strange, who could be visiting the Scarlet Witch in astral form to seek her help with a multiverse-centric crisis, or to discuss her newfound magical powers.

Who was controlling Westview?

Following the big reveal, Agatha was revealed to not only be a witch responsible for everything we’ve seen go wrong so far in Westview, but to be at least hundreds of years old. The opening sequence of episode 8 titled “Previously On” brings viewers back to 1693, where Agatha is shown to be one of the Salem Witches.

Who are Mr and Mrs Hart in WandaVision?

Hart, played by Fred Melame, and his wife, Mrs. Hart, That ’70s Show alum Debra Jo Rupp, for dinner, Harts question Wanda and Vision about their backstory — completely baffling the two Avengers, who can’t recall a thing. When Mr. Hart chokes, the whole episode feels like a trip down the rabbit hole.

Why is Wanda red?

The orange magic in Doctor Strange was a result of borrowing energy from other, non-dark dimensions. And Wanda’s magic is red because, well, she’s the Scarlet Witch!