Who is the most popular waifu 2022?

Yor Forger – Spy x Family. Annie Leonhart – Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2. Marin Kitagawa – My Dress Up Darling. Erika Amano – A Couple of Cuckoos. Shouko Komi – Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2. Shouko Komi is one of the main characters of the Anime, Komi Can’t Communicate.

Who is the first waifu?

Lum Proves She’s Still the Original Waifu in Best Green-Haired Character Poll. Rumiko Takahashi is a very rich lady, a fact that be contributed namely to her popular manga series like Urusei Yatsura , Maison Ikkoku , Ranma 1/2 , and Inu Yasha . The characters from her most popular series have lasting staying power.

What anime is waifu from?

From Japanese ワイフ (waifu), itself from English wife; popularized by 4chan. Doublet of wife. Believed to have first appeared in the anime Azumanga Daioh.