Who is her and what does it stand for?

Born Gabriella Wilson, she goes by Gabi or her stage name, H.E.R. An acronym that stands for Having Everything Revealed, it’s an ironic moniker for someone who would rather remain unknown. But we’ll let her explain.

Is Lola Lennox Annie’s daughter?

When you see the two of them in pictures, there’s no doubting that Lola is Annie’s daughter. Now she’s living up to the Lennox name, writing and releasing her own music. At 31 years old, Lola Lennox admits she’s “intentionally taken a little more time than most people would.”

Did Gabriella Wilson go to college?

Gabriella was born and raised in Middletown, CT. She attended Boston College where she studied Biology and Spanish, after which she moved back to Connecticut to attend medical school at the University of Connecticut.

What’s H.E.R. name meaning?

noun. informal. : a woman whose name one has forgotten or does not know. I just bumped into what’s-her-name from the bank.