Who is the purveyor of trinkets?

This blue trinket of item level 158 goes in the “Trinket” slot. It is sold by Purveyor Zo’kuul.

Who shot Zelda in Sabrina?

At the end of episode six, Zelda was shot by the real Mary Wardwell, who found out that the Spellmans were witches. Close to death, Zelda’s spirit ended up in the Nether Realm.

Does Sabrina marry Nick?

Sabrina’s death is fine on its own, but the final two minutes of the show reveal that Sabrina’s warlock boyfriend Nick died by suicide to be with her in the afterlife.

Who is Lucas in Sabrina Season 4?

But even though his time on CAOS isn’t long, Ben Ahlers, the actor who plays Lucas, has other projects fans can watch him in. The 24-year-old Ahlers initially got noticed in his one-person show, Anna Garcia Does a One Woman Play.

Who are the three main trinket characters?

Tabitha Foster. Luca Novak. Brady Finch.

Did Sabrina trap the void?

Sabrina Spellman willingly enters the Void intent on using Pandora’s Box to trap it inside, however, before she can successfully trap the Void in its entirety, Sabrina’s soul, as well as some of the Void, is pulled back into the mortal realm by the Spellmans and placed into Sabrina Morningstar’s body.