Are Wes and Amanda still together?

Nehemiah Clark officiated the wedding ceremony and according to Wes, the vows were his favorite part of the event. He found them hilarious and at the same time, serious. Amanda Hornick and Wes Bergmann are still together but they are yet to announce the birth of any child between them.

Did Wes and Mandy date?

The two began hooking up on Rivals, but Wes admittedly messed things up with Mandi afterwards, confessing, “We were about to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and I just kind of dropped the ball because my business took off and I got so stressed.” However, Mandi didn’t just sit around waiting for her redheaded man.

Who was Wes from Real World engaged to?

Together they have a child, Diego. Wes proposed to Amanda Hornick in September 2016 at a Royals baseball game and got married in June 2018. Former roommates Lacey, Melinda, Rachel, Nehemiah and The Challenge costar Devin Walker-Molaghan were in attendance.