How did Xenia Adonts get rich?

Xenia Adonts is a fashion darling turned influencer turned business owner. With 1.9 million followers on IG, 1.4 million on TikTok and a hugely successful clothing label Attire, she’s got the world at her feet.

What is Xenia Adonts famous for?

Xenia Adonts is known and famous for being quite a famous Model and Instagram Star from Hamburg, Germany. She is well known for her hot looks and cute smile. Xenia Adonts is famous on various social media platforms including Instagram. Xenia Adonts has earned a couple million followers on Instagram.

Is Xenia German adonts?

Meet Xenia Adonts, the German designer, content creator and CEO of Attire The Studio who originally set out for a very different career path.

Is Xenia Adonts Russian?

Adonts, who was born in Russia, expects to grow revenue to $1.2 million in 2021–bouncing back after she was forced to scrap Attire’s 2020 Spring/Summer collection due to Covid-19 lockdowns shuttering its Italian and Portuguese suppliers.