What is Zane Hijazi real name?

Zane Ahmed Hijazi was born, in Miami, Florida, on November 18, 1992. There isn’t much information about his family other than the fact that he has one brother and two sisters.

Is Zane friends with David dobrik?

Zane first came on the scene thanks to his Vines with BFF Heath Hussar. After moving to LA, he became close friends with David and the two have been hanging out ever since.

Where is Zane Hijazi from?

Zane Hijazi

What race is Zane?

Zane Hijazi is American.

What is Zane last name?

The last name Zane is most commonly occurring in The United States, where it is held by 3,889 people, or 1 in 93,201. In The United States it is most numerous in: California, where 17 percent live, Hawaii, where 14 percent live and New Jersey, where 10 percent live.

When did Aphmau meet Zane?

MyStreet: Emerald Secret He is first seen in this season in Episode 1 with Aph, asking her to take his sweatshirt and states that he is happy for Garroth to be gone since he is getting tired of his exercises.