Why is Zemo a villain?

Unlike almost every other comic book antagonist, Zemo has no desire to obtain power or control the world. Instead, what Zemo wants, is to rid the world of the powerful people he believes hurt those less powerful than them. In his particular case, those powerful people happen to be superheroes.

Is Zemo a good guy?

Baron Helmut Zemo is a major antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He makes his debut as the main antagonist of Captain America: Civil War, later appearing as a flashback antagonist in Black Panther and a supporting character in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Is Zemo a super soldier?

The super soldier serum’s properties de-aged Baron Helmut Zemo into a man in his prime, gave him a more youthful and muscular physique as well as gave him enhanced strength, speed, stamina, and healing factor, all slightly superior to Captain America’s abilities.

What did Zemo do in Marvel?

After losing his family in the Battle of Sokovia, Zemo becomes obsessed with wiping out those responsible—the Avengers. Through cunning and manipulation, he masterminds events to divide the team, making them destroy themselves.