What happened Ajax Eternals?

Later, when the Celestials’ Final Host arrived on Earth, Ajak, along with all the Eternals, killed themselves after realizing the true purpose for which they were created.

Who killed Ajak in Eternals?

The first character to be killed in Eternals is the group’s leader, Ajak, who appears to have been killed by the Deviants but whose death was orchestrated by Ikaris who wanted to end her plans to stop the Emergence.

Why did Icarus betray Ajak in Eternals?

Ikaris was suspecting that Ajak would try to save humanity at some point, so he had a plan to have Ajak killed by the Deviants, so other Eternals would focus on the immediate danger, instead of stopping the Emergence.

Why did Ikaris sacrifice Ajak?

In the film’s story, Ikaris kills Ajak when he realizes that she wants to go against Arishem’s plan for the Emergence, which would have destroyed life on Earth. He betrays the rest of the Eternals, but is ultimately brought down by his love for Sersi.