Who killed Sandy Cheeks?

Meanwhile SpongeBob proves to be a frequent embarrassment to Sandy. A mortified Sandy walks onto the promenade to be away from SpongeBob, but is confronted by Plankton, who has traveled to the ship via speedboat, and shoots her, sending her overboard.

Who killed Mr. Krabs episode?

Krabs? is the 2nd episode of SpongeBob: PattyPocalypse.

Is SpongeBob guilty?

In “The Trial of SpongeBob Squarepants”, it can be concluded that Mr. SquarePants is guilty of the murder of Mr. Krabs due to evidence of: victim injuries, murder weapons, SpongeBob having access to the Krusty Krab restaurant and tools, a motive, and a witness.

What crimes did Mr. Krabs commit?

Scheming to make more money (by any means, whether legal or not). Abusing his employees and customers (mostly SpongeBob and Squidward). Tormenting and mocking Plankton by any means necessary.