Who killed Flag Smashers?

The post-credits revealed that, yes, Sharon Carter is the Power Broker in Madripoor. The early signs were there, too. She owned all that fancy art, and even took down one of the Flag-Smashers with a nasty mercury device that melted their skin.

Who blew up the truck in Falcon and Winter Soldier?

Dovich and the other Flag Smashers are loaded into a transport to eventually land them on The Raft, but just when it seems as if a complicit guard will arrange for their escape, the vehicle blows up — detonated from nearby by Zemo’s butler Oeznik.

What happened in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier episode 6?

Sharon Carter gets an apology from the government and is allowed back into it, even given a new job. There’s a truly clunky fade to her outside the Capitol, calling someone to reveal her dark side.