Did Jeffree Star create Morphe?

So, does Jeffree Star own Morphe? No, technically, it sounds like he’s invested in the company, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he owns the stores, the company, and the brand. If you take a look at the Morphe website’s About page, the company was launched in 2008 by siblings Chris and Linda Tawil.

Who created Morphe 2?

Morphe have dropped some pretty huge news. They’ve created the Morphe 2 from Morphe – a brand new sister brand specifically designed for Generation Z, with two of the biggest names in social media: Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio, and it’s launching right here.

Is Morphe made in USA?

Morphe – (CF) HQ in LA; China. NARS – Canada. Natasha Denona – (CF) Italy.