Is Birkenstock owned by Louis Vuitton?

Is Birkenstock owned by Louis Vuitton?

Once looked down upon by the fashion elite, German sandal maker Birkenstock now finds itself in the company of Louis Vuitton and Givenchy, as a majority stake of the brand estimated at some $4.87 billion has been acquired by Bernard Arnault, the man behind the luxury behemoth LVMH.

Are Birkenstock still made in Germany?

Made in Germany Instead, Birkenstock still makes their shoes at home in Germany, including a huge modern factory in Görlitz in Saxony, near the border with Poland, which can make a whopping 30.000 pairs of sandals each day.

What other brands are made by Birkenstock?

A: In the past, Birkenstock has made sub-collections of its sandals, including Betula, Papillio, and Footprints. These brands are all part of the Birkenstock family, and share the same contoured, natural cork and latex footbed design.

Where are real Birkenstocks made?

All Birkenstock brand sandals and footbeds are made in Germany and our shoes and boots are made in Europe.