Was Ethan Hunt in the original Mission: Impossible?

Tom Cruise helped revive a franchise in 1996 when he starred in the first Mission: Impossible film as Ethan Hunt, a member of a fictional spy agency called Impossible Missions Force, or IMF.

Who were the characters from the original Mission: Impossible?

The team frequently consisted of Cinnamon Carter, Willy Armitage, Barney Collier, and Rollin Hand, although Briggs did not always use all of these team members and often also used other agents.

Who turned down the role of Ethan Hunt?

list 789551. Jean-Claude Van Damme was also considered for the role of Ethan Hunt, but Van Damme turned it down.

Is there a real Ethan Hunt?

Ethan Matthew Hunt is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Mission: Impossible film series. He is portrayed by Tom Cruise.