What is Daren Kagasoff doing now?

Daren continues to solidify his place as an actor in demand and on the rise. He stars in the eerie Universal Pictures feature film, “Ouija,” based on the Hasbro board game. He guest stars in the dark CBS series, “Stalker,” and he recurs in the heart-tugging FOX series, “Red Band Society.”

Is Ricky in love with Amy?

Amy and Ricky fell in love with each other, and got married after they both graduated. (He married Amy a couple of years after the series finale events, confirmed by Brenda.)

Does Amy sleep with Ricky?

The two first slept together in the series premiere, “Falling in Love,” and the event would change Amy’s life forever. In an attempt to bring up past emotions and memories, Ricky brings Amy to “the scene of the crime,” as she refers to it. “Neither of us really had a good time, did we?” she asked.