Who played Waldo in the new Little Rascals?

Waldo was played by Blake McIver Ewing and he was only 9 years old when the Little Rascals came out in 1994.

Was there a Waldo in The Little Rascals?

Waldo Aloysius Johnston III, also known by his first name Waldo, is the secondary antagonist in the 1994 comedy-family film The Little Rascals and the main antagonist in The Little Rascals: Save The Day.

Who was the richest kid in Little Rascals?

Jerry Tucker (born Jerome Harold Schatz, November 1, 1925 – November 23, 2016) was an American child actor, most notable for having played the “rich kid” in the Our Gang short subjects series semi-regularly from 1931 to 1938.

Who is the female Waldo?

Wenda is Waldo’s current girlfriend. The character is the “one who takes the pictures” according to the intro of The Wonder Book, but she always loses her camera. Wenda was featured in the Where’s Waldo? television series in the episode The Living Exhibits.