How old was Harry Beltik in Queen’s Gambit?

How old was Harry Beltik in Queen’s Gambit?

Harry Beltik Quotes in The Queen’s Gambit. LOCAL PRODIGY TAKES CHESS TOURNEY. Under this, in smaller letters, boldface: TWELVE-YEAR-OLD ASTONISHES EXPERTS.

Did they actually play chess in the Queen’s Gambit?

The actors played all of the chess games on “The Queen’s Gambit.” In October, Frank told Entertainment Weekly that although chess consultants created each game you see on screen, the actors memorized and played every match — even the speed rounds.

Was Harry Beltik a GM?

Although initially committed to becoming a chess grandmaster, by the end of the series he has become an assistant manager of a grocery store while studying to become an electrical engineer.

Who are the twins in Queen’s Gambit?

Twins Matthew and Russell Dennis Lewis portrayed Beth’s close friends and fellow chess players in Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit. They previously starred together in Scott Frank’s Western drama and an episode of Blue Bloods.