How is Bonnie related to McMurray?

Biography. Bonnie is the younger sister of McMurray. McMurray often suggests to Wayne that she and Wayne would make a good pair.

Does Wayne ever date Bonnie?

Wayne has started dating Bonnie, a single mother, and becomes more mature from the experience. Meanwhile, Winnie is still mad at Kevin after the events of the previous episode.

Who was Wayne’s girlfriend in LetterKenny?

Angie is a recurring character on Letterkenny, and Wayne’s ex-girlfriend from prior to the start of the show. While referenced throughout the show, she appears only in Seasons 2-4, and not again until Season 9. She is played by Kalinka Petrie.

What’s Shoresy first name?

Name. “Shoresy” is a nickname the hockey players give him. His actual surname is “Shore,” as seen on his jerseys, and as mentioned in TSN coverage of the National Senior Hockey Championship. Like Reilly and Jonesy, his first name has never been given.