Who is Davi from A Madea Homecoming?

Isha Blaaker is a relative newcomer who previously appeared in TV series like DNA, The Flight Attendant and Red Riding Hoods. For A Madea Homecoming, he plays the role of Tim’s friend Davi, whose European family members have some hilarious interactions with Tim’s family.

How old was Davi in Madea Homecoming?

It was previously mentioned that Davi was 26, so that would have made her 15 when she gave birth to Tim Brandon Black, who was previously mentioned to be 3 years younger than Davi. In reality, Gabrielle Dennis was 43 at the time of the movie’s release. Both Brandon Black and Isha Blaaker were 33.

Who is the old Irish lady in Madea homecoming?

Madea’s sharing the spotlight with her rambunctious counterpart from across the pond. It’s impossible to steal the show from Madea (Tyler Perry), but she’s got no choice but to share the spotlight with Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) in A Madea Homecoming.