What happens to Henry on The Rookie?

He is shot and killed midway during the first season in a shootout with a gang of drug dealers. Zayne Emory as Henry Nolan: John Nolan’s son who is a freshman in college.

Who plays Henry’s fiance on The Rookie?

The Rookie (TV Series 2018– ) – Madeleine Coghlan as Abigail – IMDb.

Does Henry marry Abigail?

Henry and Abigail began a relationship but Henry wanted to break it off because of his immortality. However, Abigail said she loved him regardless. They got married in 1955 and raised Abe as their own son.

What happens to Henry in The Rookie Season 3?

Henry is engaged to Abigail, whom he met at college and whom he brings to meet his father in “Tough Love”. Abigail drops out of college in Season Two, and in Season Three Henry tells his dad that he, too, has dropped out of college to take a job with a global charitable organization run by Ben McRee.