Is actor that plays Jim Brass really blind?

Is actor that plays Jim Brass really blind?

Throughout his career, Paul has never disclosed any vision issues nor played other characters with low vision. For these reasons, although fans might be concerned for Paul’s health, it seems Captain Jim Brass’ blindness is unique to the character and doesn’t affect Paul, the actor.

What happened to detective Brass on CSI?

Brass is shot by William Cutler, a wanted suspect in a triple homicide.

Why is Jim Brass blind in CSI?

Jim Brass is suffering from Fuchs’ dystrophy; according to the Mayo Clinic, Fuchs’ occurs when fluid gathers in the cornea, causing it to swell. This causes blurry and cloudy vision, glare, and can gradually worsen eyesight over time.

What episode did Jim Brass leave CSI?

Brass left the show at season 14 finale, “Dead In His Tracks”, and returned for the series finale “Immortality”.