Does Zach McGowan play flute?

Zach McGowan on Twitter: “Tonight on @nbcsvu I play a flute as Russian flutist Anton Krasnikov opposite @FINALLEVEL @Andy_Karl @PeterScanavino” / Twitter.

How long is Jody on Shameless?

One such figure is a character named Jody Silverman (Zach McGowan), featured prominently in Seasons 2 and 3. Jody is a bizarre character for several reasons.

Do Jody and Sheila end up together?

Lip decides to return to school and he makes up with Fiona. The season concludes with a series of new storylines for the subsequent season: Sheila and Jody, now a couple, nickname Karen’s baby “Hymie” after “Hiram.” Spurned by her mother, Karen runs away, effectively ending her relationship with Lip.