Who is little sweet on the Dr. Pepper commercial?

You may recognize him from his time singing on American Idol, from his role as ‘Lil Sweet’ on the Dr. Pepper commercials, or from your local grocery store aisles. That’s because Justin Guarini, when he’s not entertaining the world, lives right here in Bucks County with his wife and two sons.

Who are the actors in the new Dr. Pepper commercial?

Braxton Ryan Baker. Nick Ballard. Brian Bosworth.

Who is the guy in the 2022 Dr. Pepper commercial?

The ever-popular Brian Bosworth returns as Sheriff, and Dr Pepper signed Alabama quarterback Bryce Young to a name, image and likeness deal. Young says he’s excited about his acting debut.

Is Lil Sweet Based on Prince?

Despite what seems like a pretty obvious Prince influence, Guarini contends the character is a general glam rocker who is not based on any single figure. Deustch also denies he’s based on Prince.