Who is the new Mera in Justice League?

She is based on the character of the same name commonly associated with Aquaman, and is portrayed by Amber Heard. Making her debut in the theatrical release of Justice League, Mera is a princess from the underwater kingdom of Xebel and demonstrates aquatic superpowers.

Why is Mera different in Justice League?

That would mean that the Mera scenes in 2017’s Justice League were reshoots that went in a different direction for Heard’s acting. Thus, to preserve his original vision for the film and not have to bring in Heard to reshoot the original versions of the scenes, Snyder just used what he had.

Is Sophie Turner the new Mera?

Many fans were left wondering if the role of Mera, who serves as a love interest to Momoa’s Aquaman, was likely to be recast. Now it has emerged that Sophie Turner of X-Men: Dark Phoenix fame will be taking on the role in next year’s Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

Why is Mera British in the Snyder cut?

As explained by ScreenRant, there are an interesting couple of reasons given for Amber Heard’s British accent: “It’s evident that when Whedon was reshaping the film, Heard had to either do ADR in post-production or she had to reshoot her scenes with Momoa.