Who is Nina Zenik in Six of Crows?

Nina Zenik is a Corporalnik Grisha soldier from Ravka who joined the Dregs, and one of the protagonists of the Six of Crows duology. She worked at the House of the White Rose and used her Heartrender powers in her services there, before Kaz Brekker recruited her for his crew to break into the Ice Court.

Is Nina from Six of Crows plus size?

Six of Crows was one of the first books I’d read with such a varied and representative cast of characters, and Nina in particular was a plus size character who took pride in her fashion and appearance in a way I had never read before.

How old is Nina in Shadow and Bone?

Nina Zenik is a seventeen-year-old Grisha Heartrender and former soldier of the Ravkan Second Army — until she was captured by Matthias. She betrayed his trust to protect him from Grisha spies, choosing to stay in Ketterdam in the hope of finding a way to free him from Hellgate.

Are Nina and Hanne a couple?

Nina and Hanne’s relationship becomes official in Rule of Wolves.