Who plays Nora in the new iCarly?

Danielle Morrow was seen in the “Leave It All to Me” music video on SplashFace. She reprised her role as Nora Dershlit in the Season Four episode, iStill Psycho, and again in iCarly’s spinoff series Sam & Cat.

Who is Nora from iCarly married to?

Danielle Morrow, who played Nora Dershlit — an obsessed “iCarly” fan who trapped Carly, Sam and Freddie in her basement — wed costar Jeremy Rowley, aka the nasty apartment doorman Louis “Lewbert” Sline. The bride and groom married over the New Year’s weekend, according to People.

Who played the crazy girl on iCarly?

Danielle Morrow (I)

How old was Nora on iCarly?

References. ↑ iPsycho aired on June 4, 2010 and that was Nora’s 16th birthday.