What episode was Emily Deschanel on rookie?

“The Rookie” Brave Heart (TV Episode 2021) – Emily Deschanel as Sarah Nolan – IMDb.

Does Stana Katic appear on The Rookie?

All have found success with other projects, including Stana Katic who left the series on controversial terms. The Rookie recently aired its midseason finale, and it was both emotional and action-packed.

Who is the new woman on The Rookie?

Celina Juarez Is John Nolan’s New Trainee in ‘The Rookie’ — What to Know. ABC’s The Rookie kicks off Season 5 with new characters and a new path for its lead, John Nolan (Nathan Fillion).

Who is the new black woman on The Rookie?

Niecy Nash-Betts joins the Bureau with ‘The Rookie: Feds’