Who is Tony Stark dad?

Iron Man

Why did they change Tony Stark’s dad?

Computerized de-aging technology at the time was not advanced or inexpensive enough to de-age Slattery 30 years so that he could play Howard in The First Avenger, so Marvel hired a younger actor for the role.

Did Howard Stark get recast?

Howard Stark — Gerard Sanders to John Slattery With the role expanded in Iron Man 2, Marvel turned to veteran actor John Slattery. Slattery has appeared in several MCU films since, always giving touching performances, especially when he shared the scene with Robert Downey Jr in Avengers: Endgame.

How many people have played Howard Stark?

Trivia. John Slattery is one of three actors to portray Howard Stark, along with Gerard Sanders and Dominic Cooper. John Slattery previously worked with Anthony Mackie in The Adjustment Bureau. John Slattery previously worked with Mark Ruffalo in Spotlight.