Who plays the Trashcan Man in New Stand?

In CBS’s The Stand 2020, Ezra Miller’s performance as one of Stephen King’s most memorable and tragic characters, the Trashcan Man, honors the book.

Who does Marilyn Manson play in The Stand?

As it turns out, Manson was set to play The Kid, a character who appeared in an extended version of King’s novel, but not in the original story. As director Boone explained to Entertainment Weekly, “Just to clarify, Marilyn Manson and I had long-discussed him taking on the role of The Kid in The Stand.

What is Trashcan Man’s name in The Stand?

Donald Merwin Elbert, better known as the “Trashcan Man”, is a schizophrenic with pyromaniac tendencies. He often found himself in trouble during his years as a youth due to his fixation with fire, and his nickname comes from his childhood habit of starting fires in trash cans.

What are Ezra Miller’s pronouns?

They previously used all pronouns interchangeably but, as of 2022, use they/them, it, or zir pronouns. Having expressed an interest in “kissing boys” at a young age, Miller said, “The way I would choose to identify myself wouldn’t be gay.