Who plays the younger version of Sabrina?

Mckenna Grace is an American child actress. She portrays Young Sabrina Spellman on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Is Mckenna Grace related to Kiernan Shipka?

No, Mckenna Grace and Kiernan Shipka aren’t actually related, but they could definitely pass as twins! The Ghostbusters: Afterlife actress even played the younger version of Kiernan’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina character, Sabrina Spellman, in the show’s first season.

Who is Sabrina playing in Riverdale?

Kiernan Shipka makes her return as Sabrina Spellman in this sneak peek of the July 10 episode of Riverdale. Titled The Witches of Riverdale, Shipka reprises her role from Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—and a December 2021 episode of Riverdale!

Is Sabrina in the new Riverdale?

People are concerned that the crossover will taint Sabrina’s legacy. Sabrina will appear in the next episode of ‘RIVERDALE’ and will teach Betty, Veronica and Tabitha how to become witches to resurrect Archie and Jughead.

Why did they change Sabrina?

Apparently, budget cuts were responsible for Lissauer’s sudden departure, with the main cast cut down to just Hart, Frye, Elisa Donovan (Morgan Cavanaugh), and Nick Bakay as the voice of Salem for the final season.

Why did they replace Jenny on Sabrina?

In an interview, Michelle Beudoin confirmed that her departure from the series was not her choice and that the network wanted Sabrina to have an “ethnic best friend”. However, this idea was obviously thrown out since Valerie Birkhead, who wasn’t “ethnic” at all, took Jenny’s place.