Who slept with Bolo in RHOA?

Among the many gifts that Cynthia Bailey received for her bachelorette party was BOLO The Entertainer, an exotic dancer from Atlanta who did not disappoint. Guests were each given $1,000 to tip BOLO, who Kenya alleges slept with not one, but two of the housewives — Tanya Sam and Porsha Williams.

Did Tanya sleep with bolo?

Tanya Sam’s exit was her own undoing The mystery of who slept with B.O.L.O hung over the entire season, and it became known as “Strippergate.” While Kenya tried to out the person who hooked up with the dancer, Tanya readily volunteered that she had spent the night in Porsha’s room.

Who was in the bedroom with bolo?

Expect an in-depth discussion on that at the reunion, but don’t hold your breath about a Tanya Sam appearance. The “friend of” the cast dipped out of filming season 13 after the bachelorette trip, where her name was floated as also being involved in the bedroom fun with Bolo, a claim she denied.

Did Cynthia and Porsha get fired?

After months of reports indicating that some of the veterans would be replaced by new blood, Cynthia Bailey announced that she is leaving the show just days before news of another departure. Co-star Porsha Williams has announced since then that she, too, is quitting the show.