Who bought the 40 million dollar Selling Sunset house?

Oppenheim declined to comment on the seller, but records reveal that the home is owned by Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of the food company Quest Nutrition. He sold the company for $1 billion in 2019 and bought the mega-mansion shortly thereafter.

Who sold the most expensive house on Selling Sunset?

So, who has sold the most expensive home on Selling Sunset? After some investigative research, we came to the conclusion that Jason’s Hillside Drive $35.5 million home in the Hollywood Hills remains the most expensive home sold by the Oppenheim group to this day.

Did the 75 million dollar listing on Selling Sunset ever sell?

Sen wanted to list the property for $75 million, although Davina’s boss, Jason Oppenheim, suggested it be sold for $60m. Davina never managed to get a buyer for the house, which Sen and his wife now live in.

Who bought the $75 million house on Selling Sunset?

The Selling Sunset cast walk us through how they’d approach the daunting home. It was the listing heard around the world when Davina Potratz, against her colleagues’ advice, decided to take on an epic $75 million property.