Who was cast first as Black Widow?

The first actor considered to play Black Widow was never even asked to audition. Emily Blunt was the first star to be offered the role. Unfortunately, she was too busy filming Gullivers Travels at the time, preventing her from entering the MCU in one of the series’ most iconic roles.

Who is the new Black Widow actor?

Florence Pugh’s Black Widow character made her Hawkeye debut in Episode 4, attempting to get revenge on Clint Barton for murdering her adopted sister Natasha Romanoff (it’s complicated, don’t worry, we’ll explain).

Who else was cast for Black Widow?

Before Scarlett Johansson suited up as the beloved Avenger, Emily Blunt was going to play the role. Paramount Pictures had the actress as their first choice to play Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2. However, contractual obligations to another studio blocked her from starring in the film.