Who stars in Coming to America Part 2?

Eddie Murphy. Prince Akeem, Clarence, Saul, Randy Watson. Arsenio Hall. Semmi, Morris, Reverend Brown, Baba. Jermaine Fowler. Lavelle Junson. Leslie Jones. Mary Junson. Tracy Morgan. Uncle Reem. KiKi Layne. Meeka. Shari Headley. Lisa. Wesley Snipes. General Izzi.

How much was Eddie Murphy paid for Coming to America 2?

Murphy received a personal salary of $8 million for his work on the film, plus 15% of film rentals. Landis received $600,000, plus 10% of gross receipts.

How many characters did Eddie Murphy play in Coming 2?

Eddie Murphy has four roles in ‘Coming 2 America’ but there’s still not enough of him. Eddie Murphy and Jermaine Fowler in “Coming 2 America.” Eddie Murphy is the star of a sequel to one of his most popular movies in “Coming 2 America.” Or is he?