Who are Halsey’s ex boyfriends?

Most fans know that she dated G-Eazy for a little over a year before calling it quits, but she’s actually been linked to some other Hollywood stars over the years! It’s been reported that Halsey was romantically involved with Evan Peters, Yungblud, Matt Healy and more in the past.

Who did Halsey date in 2015?

Lido. Halsey dated Norwegian producer Lido in 2015 and the pair continued living together for some time after their relationship ended. “When we met, I was nobody; things changed very quickly. A lot of people in my life freaked out,” she told Billboard shortly after the breakup.

How long did Halsey date Lido?

2. Lido. The singer dated the Norwegian record producer on and off from 2015 to 2016. “When we met, I was nobody; things changed very quickly,” she said in a 2015 Billboard interview following their split.

Who was Halsey’s first baby daddy?

Halsey has welcomed her first baby with screenwriter Alev Aydin so let’s find out everything about him from his age, Instagram and very Hollywood job. Alev Aydin is a screenwriter who became the most searched name ever after Halsey announced she’s pregnant with their first child earlier this year.