Who was Mahalia Jackson’s first husband?

In 1935, Jackson met Isaac “Ike” Hockenhull, a chemist working as a postman during the Depression. Impressed with his attention and manners, Jackson married him after a year-long courtship.

Did Martin Luther King and Mahalia Jackson have a relationship?

and Mahalia Jackson during the Civil Rights Movement. One of the little known facts about the Civil Rights Movement is that Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahalia Jackson were great friends. They also worked tirelessly together to spread the message of equality.

Who was Mahalia Jackson 2nd husband?

CHICAGO, July 2 (AP)—Mahalia Jackson, the gospel singer, was married today to Minters Sigmond Galloway, a contracting concern salesman, in a small wedding in her home. It was the second marriage for both.

Did Elvis know Mahalia Jackson?

Mahalia Jackson and Elvis Presley. Barbara McNair recalls the visit of Mahalia Jackson : ‘Elvis and I were sitting there together and Mahalia came on the set and she asked Elvis if he would participate in a fund-raiser that she was going to organize.