Who was John Ritter’s wife when he died?

Who was John Ritter’s wife when he died?

During his life, comedy icon John Ritter was married twice. His first wife was actress Nancy Morgan, 72, who he was married to from 1977 until their 1996 divorce. After splitting from Nancy, John started dating Wings actress Amy Yasbeck, 58, and the pair got married in 1999. Amy was his wife until his death in 2003.

Who was John Ritter’s first wife?

On October 16, 1977, Ritter married actress Nancy Morgan, with whom he had three children: Jason Carly, and Tyler. They divorced on September 1, 1996. He married actress Amy Yasbeck on September 18, 1999, at the Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, Ohio. They had a child born in 1998.

Why did John Ritter leave Waltons?

John Ritter left the show after the 1975-76 season because he was offered the lead role in “Three’s Company”. He said his only regret in taking the “Three’s Company” role was leaving his role as Reverend Fordwick. Will Geer died after filming had ended for the 1977-1978 season.