Who is the most famous Peloton instructor?

Robin Arzón – Spin. Ben Alldis – Spin. Ally Love – Spin. Denis Morton – Spin. Matt Wilpers – Spin. Adrian Williams – Strength Training. Jess Sims – Running.

Who were the six original Peloton instructors?

Marion Berrian Roaman. Ella Kay. Antonia DeSantis. Colleen Saidman Yee. Kim Fischer. Steph Nieman. Nicole Meline. Lisa Niren.

What happened to Jenn Sherman Peloton?

Weekend Update: Jenn Sherman Yacht Rock Ride Removed. Over the weekend, Peloton found themselves getting negative responses and boycott threats due to a comment made by an instructor during a class. Peloton’s CEO ended up responding to negative comments on Facebook, and the ride was removed from the on-demand library.