Who first signed Wu-Tang Clan?

One of the first record execs to come sniffing around was Steve Rifkind, who had a new label called Loud. The RZA got him to sign an unprecedented deal: For only $60,000, Rifkind got the Clan as a whole. But the RZA also convinced him to allow each individual in the group to become, in essence, a free agent.

How much did Wu-Tang Clan get signed to?

Convinced that the Shaolin group was going to transform into a movement, Rifkind agreed to RZA’s terms and signed the Clan with a $60,000 record deal. “What made [the Wu] different from everyone else was that they had RZA, and he was so much smarter than everybody else,” Rifkind said in a Complex interview.

Was Wu-Tang signed to Def Jam?

Anthony’s character is presumably based on the real-life Tracey Waples, a Def Jam A&R rep who played a part in trying to get the entire Wu to sign to the label. Ultimately, it was only Method Man that ended up signing to Def Jam.

Did Dr Dre produce Wu-Tang Clan?

Dre is kicking back a bit, is 27 year old Robert Diggs, better known as Wu-Tang Clan’s Rza. He produced the group’s breakthrough album “Enter The 36 Chambers,” and he’s also produced breakout solo albums by Genius, Method Man and O.D.B.