Who won the third season of Skin Wars?

Rick – Skin Wars winner Season 3 | Skin wars, Skin paint, Skin.

Who Won Skin Wars season 4?

Uribe beat out Alison Kenyon from Louisiana and Brittney Pelloquin from California in the finale. Uribe yelled, “I’m the winner, wow, man,” after four gold-covered models turned their backs to reveal R-I-C-K. “I was speechless.

Is there a Skin Wars season 4?

However, it is definitely returning: Syfy’s web site says the show “returns later this year.” I’ve confirmed that is accurate, and also that a premiere date should be announced soon. Meanwhile, the body painting competition series Skin Wars has effectively been cancelled by GSN, so there will not be a season four.

Did Avi win Skin Wars?

Avi took the name of having the most main-challenge wins, with a total of 4 wins by the end of the season. The winner of the second season was Lana Chromium, and the final runner-up was Avi Ram.