Who has won Big Brother 2022?

Big Brother 2022 winner: Reggie Sorensen crowned at the live finale | WHO Magazine.

Who are the final 3 in Big Brother 2021?

With Taylor set on nominating Turner and Brittany as well as Monte winning the Power of Veto today and promising Turner his vote to stay, it is appears that this year’s final three will be: Monte, Taylor and Turner.

Who are the top 3 in Big Brother 2022?

Story continues after video. With Reggie currently sitting with winning odds of $1.42, we have a feeling she just might be our winner this year. At present, Big Brother super-fan Johnson Ashak sits in the runner up position, with odds of $3.75, while musician Taras Hrubyj-Piper is in third place, with odds of $10.

How much did Reggie win?

Reggie won the third season of Big Brother Australia in 2003 and took home $250,000. However, she recently revealed she no longer has any of the prize money left from her triumphant season. The mother of two made the admission that her pay check was ‘all gone’ during an interview with The Daily Telegraph in May.

Who Won Big Brother favorite HouseGuest 2022?

After delivering a rousing speech highlighting her tenacity in the face of adversity, Taylor Hale made history Sunday as the first Black woman to win a non-celebrity edition of “Big Brother.” She is also the first contestant to be named both champion and America’s “favorite houseguest” for a grand total of $800,000 in …

Who won Favorite HouseGuest on Big Brother 2021?

The 27-year-old from West Bloomfield made history on Sunday night, becoming the first Black woman to win the CBS reality show. Hale was also voted America’s Favorite Houseguest, which meant she was awarded an additional $50,000.