Who is the Circle winner 2022?

Frank Grimsley, who had played the game as himself, won the US$150,000 prize on May 25, 2022. His win cemented him as the first LGBT winner. Trevor St. Agathe as “Imani” was the runner-up.

Who won the first circle UK?

The first series was won by 26-year-old Internet comedian Alex Hobern, who had played the game claiming to be a 25-year-old woman called Kate, using photos of his real-life girlfriend Millie. Hobern also won the “viewers champion” for an additional £25,000, claiming £75,000 in total.

Who won the second circle?

The Circle player Trevor St. Agathe talks following in his wife’s footsteps as a catfish. After DeLeesa St. Agathe won season 2, her husband attempted to catfish even better in season 4.

Does second place on The Circle win anything?

Well, it turns out that the only cash offered to players is that of the winning prize money… and that’s about it!