Where is Brandon Boyd from?

Brandon Boyd

Who is the guy on the Incubus album covers?

This is Incubus’s mascot and kinda-sorta unofficial sixth member, Brandon Boyd’s real-life father, Chuck Boyd. He’s fairly shrouded in mystery, and the band have cheerfully spun various ever-conflicting myths about him over the years. Also known as Charles Mulholland, he was an actor, mainly working in the 1970s.

How much money does Incubus make?

Sony Music has paid Incubus $4.25 million for three hit albums and a series of other products since 1996. For each band member, that has amounted to about $121,000 a year — a salary a junior recording executive, not a chart-topping rock star, would expect to make.

Who did American Idol sing with Brandon Boyd?

Boyd served as a duet partner for Chayce Beckham and Casey Bishop on Season 19 of American Idol.