Who is Larry Hoover and what did he do?

Who is Larry Hoover and what did he do?

The founder of Gangster Disciples, Chicago gang leader “King Larry” Hoover only grew his empire after he was sentenced to prison in 1973. Just a few years after Larry Hoover helped found Gangster Disciples in Chicago, he was sentenced to 150 to 200 years in prison for a gang-related murder in 1973.

What does Larry Hoover have to do with Kanye?

Larry Hoover: Ex-gang leader championed by Kanye West and Drake renounces Gangster Disciples. Larry Hoover, the former gang leader who has been supported by Kanye West and Drake, has renounced his old gang, Gangster Disciples.

Is Larry Hoover still locked up?

Hoover is currently serving six life sentences for a range of crimes, including murder, conspiracy and extortion.