Who is the richest rapper Top 5?

Snoop Dogg’s Net worth: $150 Million. Lil Wayne’s Net Worth: $160 Million. Ice Cube’s Net Worth: $160 Million. Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams’ Net Worth: $170 Million. Drake’s Net Worth: 180 million. Pharrell William’s Net Worth: 200 million. Master P’s Net Worth: $200 Million.

Who is the richest rapper Top 10?

KANYE WEST. Net worth: ~ $1.3 billion. JAY-Z. Net worth: ~ $1.0 billion. DIDDY. Net worth: ~ $890 million. DR. DRE. Net worth: ~ $820 million. EMINEM. Net worth: ~ $230 million. MASTER P. Net worth: ~ $210 million. DRAKE. Net worth: ~ $180 million. ICE CUBE. Net worth: ~ $160 million.

Is Eminem the richest rapper?

As of December 2022, Eminem’s net worth is estimated at $230 Million. This makes him one of the richest rappers in the world, next to the likes of Dr. Dre, Sean Combs, Jay Z and more.

Who is the most successful rapper of all time?

1. Eminem. Eminem is the best-selling rapper in history. With over 200 million records sold, he is also the 6th best-selling solo music artist of all time.