Who is doing Venom’s voice?

Tom Hardy provides the voice for his CGI counterpart Venom, an unsurprising decision considering he has become known for his different (and at times strange) vocal decisions.

Is Tom Hardys voice in Venom?

While it may not have sounded much like him, Hardy played both the role of Eddie Brock and the voice of Venom. According to Hardy, he would do the vocal performance for Venom in the mornings, and the sound guys would then play it back on set to create a back and forth between the human and symbiote.

Why is Venom’s voice so deep?

The use of the lower-pitched voice in Venom makes the character come across as more deadly and menacing, and it is clear that the filmmakers wanted the audience to perceive Venom as a legitimate threat.

Is Eminem singing in Venom 2?

A track from legendary rapper Eminem, fittingly titled “Venom,” that was featured in the 2018 Tom Hardy film has popped up all over the Internet in recent years. Here is a particular favorite example of mine.