What can cause your height to shrink?

Osteoporosis. For many people, especially women, this disease is the number one cause of spinal shrinkage. Spinal Disc Degeneration and Disc Desiccation. Muscle Loss. Poor Posture. Socioeconomic Status. Sitting. Female Sex (Especially Post-Menopausal). Lack of Physical Activity.

Can you regain lost height?

You can’t restore lost height, though you can take steps to delay or slow the loss by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. Even if you are shrinking, it’s not a cause for panic. “It doesn’t mean something bad is definitely going to happen to you,” Hannan says.

How do I stop my height from shrinking?

But you can stop yourself from shrinking too much by regularly exercising — especially weight-bearing exercises like jogging or running, or other activities that work the legs and the hips. A diet rich in vitamin D and calcium also helps — try almonds, broccoli or kale, or you can take supplements.

Do you shrink in height as you age?

Yes, it is normal to get shorter with age. Starting around age 40, people can lose about up to half of an inch every 10 years. Over the course of your lifetime, this could mean up to 2 inches of height loss for a woman, and up to 1.5 inches for a man.